[not: I worte this post about a month ago, and didn’t finish it, because i became to busy. so i apologize for my lack of posts, and now the sudden surplus.]

I just cme back from my Family reunion in Missouri, and we went through Potosi. And thus the story of Moses Austin.

Wikipedia says:
“Moses Austin (October 4, 1761 – June 10, 1821) was a leading figure in the development of the American lead industry and the father of Stephen F. Austin, a pioneer settler of Texas. He was the first to obtain permission for Anglo Americans to settle in Spanish Texas. He also established the first Anglo-American settlement west of the Mississippi River.”

He also created the town of Herculanium, Missouri, helped build and create the Lead mining industry in Missuori, and created Washington County, with Potosi as the county seat.

He was a major figure in the American settlement of Missuori and Texas. and without him (as i see it) i wold probably not be alive.

My mother was born in Missouri and raised in a small town named Flat River, Missouri. Without Austin, Missouri would have been settled in a vastly different way, and my ancestors, who were drawn to the lead mining industry would never have arrived, met, fell in love, married, had children, and thus my family line would not have been…or maybe it would and I am being overly dramatic, but still…Moses Austin.