t-rexPerhaps it’s a slow history news day, but I think this is cool: on this date in 1990, the biggest the largest T-Rex specimen ever found was discovered in South Dakota by fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson. The specimen was named Sue.


Anti-Evolution protestors at Scopes Monkey Trial
On this date in 1925, the Scopes Monkey Trial began. Feels like things haven’t changed much. But sometimes there is progress.

More info on the trial can be found at this University of Missouri site.

The dramatic version of the events of the trial, the play Inherit the Wind is currently on Broadway and stars Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy.

A skull was found in Peru that is the oldest skull of a native killed by a European bullet found to date. It comes from the early part of a period in which 80% of the Inca died; this skull specifically dates to a few years after the arrival of Francisco Pizarro.

The skull may also be significant as part of a movement to write this history from the perspective of the losers. History is, after all, written by the victors. This skull, however, may belong to a victim who was part of the Siege of Lima, an Inca uprising.